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Bowl of legs. Y’know.

Roger Waters

Roger Waters


After a full day outside yesterday and another 7 hours today, I didn’t feel too guilty about showering off the sanding residue and heading to the movies, despite the nice weather. We saw Beasts of the Southern Wild which I really enjoyed. Nearly every frame was a photo that I want to take. A quick stop afterwards to try out Menchie’s (not as good as (Yo)gurt Lab) and now an evening of vegging.

The weather has been consistently hot enough this summer that every day that it’s tolerable feels miraculous and wonderful. I got outside early this morning and spent most of the day in my driveway, working on a project. It was lovely.

[I did end up agreeing to attempt a 30 days of photos gig with #teamphotoblog. I have a new camera and a bit of down time before my crazy fall season begins so ideally, now would be the perfect time to work on a personal project, try to reinvigorate my creativity or delve into some sort of deeper work. Realistically, I will be posting 30 days of photos of my cats and/or cutest nephew which I’ve taken with my iPhone.]

I see the sunset from this spot often, exiting the highway to head home, driving by the 3M campus and never for a moment regretting that I quit my job there almost 4 years ago.

I’m debating agreeing to participate in a photo-a-day challenge in September, even though I have a 100% rate of failure in doing these things.

Found the perfect hairbrush. (Taken with Instagram)

Day 2: One #photoadayaug #macro #insect #olloclip #iphoneonly (Taken with Instagram)

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